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Hello there! You've some how managed to fall down the rabbit hole of Tumblr and landed yourself here. Welcome, I sincerely hope you enjoy your stay. My name is Maren, I'm a eighteen year-old trying to find her way and place in this big ol' world we're living in. I'm a sophomore at University of West Florida. I'm obsessed with Doctor Who, Sherlock, Merlin, Supernatural, Glee, Bones, Elementary, Criminal Minds, CSI, Law and Order SVU, and cute animals. I'm always here for anyone who ever wants to talk, fangirl, seek advice, or anything of the such. I do not promise anything quality from this blog, just a warning before you decide to follow, if you do that is... My blog is a big ball of wibbly-wobbly stuff, literally, it contains everything I love, my opinions, and much more. Don't ever hesitate to send me an ask, I'd love to talk to you all. :D

What I look like, if you're wondering  

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The Ring Leader

                 The Archer

                             The Samurai

                                           The Kid…


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Post-It Notes from a Stay-At-Home Dad.

These were all very entertaining :P

I love how he calls his wife “permanent roommate”

at least my coworker is hot

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The World In Slow-Mo Through GIFs

For more amazing GIFs click here

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6/100 pictures of Jensen Ackles  (ノ・∀・)ノ


6/100 pictures of Jensen Ackles  (ノ・∀・)ノ

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Chris Pratt is actually the nicest most humble celebrity in the world. Fact.

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Conversation with my very religious mother

  • Me: did you know that it is a sin to where that shirt and you could go to hell?
  • Mom:
  • Me: I mean it has mixed fabrics.
  • Me: According to the bible, that's a sin.
  • Mom: show me where it says that
  • Me: levictus 19:19
  • "'Keep my decrees.
  • “‘Do not mate different kinds of animals.
  • “‘Do not plant your field with two kinds of seed.
  • “‘Do not wear clothing woven of two kinds of material.
  • Mom:
  • Mom:
  • Mom: well just because it says that doesn't mean you can say its a sin and we'll go to hell
  • Me: so why are people doing that with homosexuality

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Photos Of Animals And Their Parents That Will Melt Your Heart

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Nine Worst Things about College →







I took care of all that shit in high school.

Good thing I’m living with my parents…

I read this and I was laughing because this is my life already and the hangovers thing doesn’t even count because i can’t even drink alcohol therefore it’s more like the 8 worst things about college that actually apply to my life now as a high school senior anyway so I think i can handle it (even the roommate thing-i have a sister)

I feel that most of the stuff on it is over hyped.

This coming from someone who is going to be an RA this fall.

But freshman dorm bathrooms are the worst.

You’ll spend your nights wondering how they got it on the ceiling.

And it missed the part about the ultra sensitive smoke detectors and the one dumbass that sets it off at
4 in the morning because he forgot to add water to his easy Mac, resulting in a building wide evacuation :|

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"I actually like those elephants. They obviously have family values" - oh you have no idea, Castle…

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 /  I just wanted to say eff this! Eff you! And I effed it. I effed it all up!

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When your mom forgets to ask for her change back


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I’ll bet you’d look adorable grasping at the sheets on my bed

no matter how many times u compliment me im not making ur bed

this has to be one of the best responses I’ve gotten to this text post

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Do you ever have that outfit you wear so often you think

"Yes, this is the outfit I’d be drawn in everyday if I was a cartoon"

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